Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Hey look who's cranking out the posts to catch up, I'm so close!

August was a slightly less busy month, but it was also one of our hottest.  My office hadn't had any blinds installed and this my friends is what happens to glue left in the sun.  It got so hot it exploded past the lid! 

My boss went out of town, took his kids to Disney world and left his work kids behind.  When the cats away the nice will foil everything on in and around his desk.

Aug 8-10
We had a special visit from this little lady and her parents who were passing through on their way home to Arizona.  We hung out for the weekend and got our nails done.

Aug 11
Aileen's Baby shower
My childhood bestie did a wonderful job for our friend and soon to be here baby rainn.  Vintage country and hot air balloon theme.  Really nice summer night with the girls.  I'm really happy how my photography came out too!

Me and some of my nearest and dearest.

Aug 16 Chix w Stix
I had intended our little group to meet every 2 months or so. But we all get busy and I dropped the ball...of yarn (baddum dum) So this was only our second meeting for the year haha.  There was a nice spread of wine and app, by now you know we know how to eat!  It's always interesting to see how everyone one knows each other and who we all have in common. 7 degrees of Kevin Bacon in our JW community is more like 3 degrees  haha. 

Aug 17 Hubby took me out for the day to Laguna beach to check out the Sawdust festival.  Beautiful weather and very relaxing we stopped off and had a coffee and visited a cupcake shop in Newport, drove around down town and perused the festival. They had Beatles cover bands (my fav) and hubby bought me a new toe ring. Then there was spur of the moment dinner with our good friends and our wedding photographers the Napier's.   The boys totally catered to us making steak and lobster!

Aug 30 District Convention 
Our yearly summer assembly, had the privilege of manning the ATM contribution table with my heart of hearts sister/friend.
So much fun, of course I had to get my yearly pic with the boys too. 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Mason Jar - Greek Salad

We had company this weekend so I didn't get to dabble in a new recipe.  Greek salad is one of my favs for the summer, it's light and filling.

I chose the wide mouth Kerr jars from Target over the Ball jars because they are more uniform in size and if you decided to eat straight from the jar you wouldn't get dressing hands!

You can also see in my pic that there are two salads layered differently.  

Kalmata Olives and Juice
Thin sliced red onion
Diced cucumber
Feta cheese
Romaine lettuce
Greek Feta Dressing from Trader Joes OR Newmans Greek

There's no set amount for each ingredient, layer to taste.  I will say though that the onions can get a little strong.

Left Salad
Hubby doesn't like olives of any kind.  He also works from home so I left his dressing out so he could choose how much or little to use.

Right Salad
For me, the more Greek the better!  I chopped up 6 olives, a little onion, 1.5 tbsp olive juice and 2 tbsp feta dressing for the bottom of my jar.  Followed by chicken, feta, cucumber and lettuce. 

What I'm trying to say here is do what works for your family.  There's no wrong way here.