Sunday, June 30, 2013

June 2013

I'm so behind and my OCD won't let me blog out of order!  I have half a mind to just scrap these missed months posts but I don't want to forget these little moments so I'll try to blow through these to get to the meaty stuff. 

June 8
Alyssa's grad party
Remember in mays post the madness that was my desk?  That was the creation of little Missy's graduation gift of a years worth of photos and mementos her mama cleverly snuck away.  I was glad to provide my artistic abilities.

June 14
Book club
Ms. Lindsay did an amazing job with our china themed party.  She choose the book Shanghai Girls by Lisa See.  The details in the book were so intricate you could picture everything.  It was so emotional and raw, incredible page turner, I had to get the second book because I had to know what was going to happen next!

As always we do what we do best eat, talk, kiss babies, eat, talk and eat some more!

June 16
The entire month of May my sister and her hubby were touring Europe. (Yes jealous!)
We had them over for Sunday dinner, I made my first ham and tried my hand at grandma's potato salad.  I did pretty darn good too.  My lovely sister brought me these delightful goodies, soap from Paris, bowls from Italy bracelets from Spain.  All in my favorite color, aqua!  It looked so pretty like this I left it to display in my book shelf.  

June  22-23
Yearly I put on a craft day which has affectionately become known as CYBO (craft your brains out) for 10 delirious hours of crafting food and games.  I normally to do it at a local high school in a big room but my connection retired so we were on the hunt for a new location.  Only problem is we were so used to the nice accommodations and being free is a big plus!  Another change this year was that I now have a house to host in, so I took the challenge of fitting 15 crafters between 3 rooms. 
I think these girls look pretty happy.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Blur of May

Sunday May 4
Well we kicked off May with a Air Show at my work.  I took my favorite boys, Hubby, my Dad and Ryan along with some of his friends.   I work on a small airport that was hosting this show, so we got free front row seats.  It was so cute watching the boys get so excited at each taxiing plane.
I let each of them have a turn taking pictures, made sure they were really careful using the neck strap and all…

The best part was everyone got to get into our helicopter, play with the buttons and wear the head sets.
Look at these beaming faces!

Then the party foul happened.  When we were packing up to leave my hands were full of bags, chairs, food etc.  Somehow I let the camera strap slip and dropped it right on its face! 

Thankfully just the UV filter broke and not the actual lens.  So grateful that the camera guy suggested we buy the filter for just this reason!  The next day at work I had to have one of the guys in the shop break loose the filter because it bent on the threads.  OUCH.  Still no damage to the actual lens, which is amazing. 
On our way home Dad Ryan and I made up a song about Ryan’s Floppy band aid from a cut he’d gotten earlier in the morning.   Maybe you had to be there but it was super funny to us…. Remember Ryan’s 9.
Floppy band aid came from my dad
Floppy band aid it’s all he had
Floppy band aid made from a tree
Floppy band aid it protects me
Floppy band aid I pick at it so much
Floppy band aid it hurts to touch
Floppy band aid my skin is white
Floppy band aid I’m glad it’s night
Floppy band aid covers my scab
Floppy band aid is such a drag
Floppy band aid don’t know what to do
Floppy band aid it lost its glue
Floppy band aid I started to rub
Floppy band aid came off in the tub
Floppy band aid I got a new cut
Floppy band aid it’s on my Butt!

Saturday May 8
My desk looked like this pretty much the entire month of May.
I've been helping a friend make a memory book of her daughter Senior year as a graduation project.  It's a surprise so everything stays at my house. 

This shot of Zoe cracks me up.  She's such a clingy little bugger, always under foot.  I always tell them "go outside, be a dog!"  She found out that she can hop up on the flower bed and peek into the window to see what I'm doing.

Tuesday May 14
My Dad turned 55 today.  We don't celebrate birthdays, but I still think turning 55 is pretty cool.  Nice even number.  I love my Dad.  He's my favorite guy in the whole world next to my husband.  I got him a nice card at trader joes, it had a cute retro 50's dad on the cover saying "Fatherhood, Someone's gotta do it" for father's day but blank in side.  Wrote him a little thank you note for being such a great Dad and bought him some cupcakes.  If you know my Dad, you'd know he has a insane sweet tooth.

Saturday May 18
We had our first bon fire of the summer.  I saw this commercial, have not clue what it was actually for but it had smores in it and I thought "Mmmmmmm Smores" and quickly sent out a mass text for our friends to come over for cards and a fire.

We had a really nice group of young couples with lots of kiddos. 18 in total.  We all started out around the fire pit, but eventually the guys split to play poker and the girls stayed talking about babies and the latest news. 

Even grown up boys are dumb.  My friends husband toasted a mashmallow on his finger.

Gave the kids glow bracelets and flashlights and let them go nuts.

All in all it was a great night and every one went home happy and full of sugar.

May 24
We started our trip to Seattle and Canada for my parents 36 yr Anniversary.  There's so many pix for that it needs a whole seperate post.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Aprils Missed Post

I know its been a really long time, nearly 3 whole months since I've blogged.  We've just had a lot going on that I'll get into in another post.  In the mean time I notice that this little post never got to make its debut in April. 
Friday April 12
I hosted book club at my house for the first time.  I picked my favorite book ever, The Glass Lake by Maeve Binchy.  It's set between London and a small town in Ireland so I picked pub food for the theme.
I found this super cute little tea pot at World Market, reminded me of Big Ben.  I sat it on a stack of books by the same author and set out some teas.

What's more Pub like than a little beer?  Whilst at World Market I asked for a recommendation on Irish beers, I'm definately not a cono sur of any sort.  I was told that Wexford's was a cross between a blonde beer and cream soda, Delish!  Sounded like it would go great over vanilla ice cream, so I got everything in place for Beer Floats!!

We had a small showing, a quaint group of 4 got to sit around the kitchen table and drink wine. 
I found the best red I've ever tasted.  So not a red drinker, but this little baby was so smooth.

Along with our beer floats we had Pork and Cabbage sliders, Potatoes, Traditional meat pies and
soda bread with Dublin butter.

Saturday April 13
Our local scrap store closed (sad face) on the last day of March.  I'd really grown attached to the lady's that worked there in the past 5 years.  The only good part is that I totally scored on the going out of business sale and stocked up on supplies.  I even got a hanging rack to beautifully display all my treasures (stickers, embellishments, etc)

I have a gigantic clear cookie jar that houses my ribbon stash.  Since it was a lazy movie watching afternoon I decided to copy a technique I learned from Paper Craft Princess Cindy and band my ribbons with strips of brown paper bag.  They look so much better now and I'm able to find things much easier than dumping out the whole jar.

Sunday April 14
Curly Hair dont Care & the coffee that gets the morning going.

April 21
Went to visit my sissy in San Clemente to get my hair done before she rendezvous off to Europe for a month! We enjoyed the sunshine, had a nice hawaiian dinner and she made these delicious drinks with milk, cinnamon and chocolate whip vodka!  I'm a sucker for mason jars and colorful straws so had to snap a pic.

April 28
We got Zoe Monster....which we talked about here.

Thats it for April, now I'll move on to the blur that was May.