Saturday, October 5, 2013

Anniversary Weekend - October 5

The month of October was emotionally draining for me; a lot going on and a lot of information whirling in my head, but there is always good to balance the bad. 

I always look forward to October for two reasons, it's our anniversary month and I love the fall.  This October was particularly packed with spiritual activity.  We had our annual meeting Oct 5, Circuit Assembly Oct 13 and Circuit Overseer Oct 19.

Here we are starting out our 4th Anniversay weekend at Mira Loma assembly hall.

There has never been a annual meeting open to everyone so this was a really big deal, we knew something unique was coming our way.  How thrilling to get a new bible!  All the information on how it was developed and why was so amazing and we'll put together.

Grey is the new Black - I love the new styling so much!

After being spiritually fed and literally starving we headed over to Bass Pro Shop for dinner and then on to the Mission Inn.  For our second Anniversay Hubby's parents sent us a very nice gift card here that we'd been hanging on to for the right moment. 

Another bonus of being married in the fall is lots of places run specials; this room was half off, came with a gift card and cupcakes!

I'm not sure if this is weird or not but I always take pix of the room and bathroom at hotels before they get all messed up.

Cupcake turn down service.

Hubby knows me so well, Red Velvet is my favorite.

The next day we had the set brunch I've ever tasted.  I was so bummed that I got full off my mini omelette! I was trying to at least take a bite of everything, now I fantasize about going back haha.
And best of all Hubby finally got Instagram! (I caught his first post)

We made our way home by way of this small winery in Ontario.

The outside was very charming.

We took a little tour....

Had a little sampling...

Not bad for a mini get away.

My Anniversay flowers that didn't quite fit anywhere else in the post lol

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