Monday, December 10, 2012

Live a Little

Happy Monday Ya'll

I bet your wondering what the big loss was this week... a whopping 0.4!!  Whoo hooo!!

I'm just going to say I have no regrets from this last week.  Every morsel I ate was worth it, I did the best I could to track and hey at least I didn't gain!  So I'm still on track for my book of losses.  Since I was given a new book to go with the new program I am now trying to accomplish 20 losses instead of the original 16.

I can't say exactly where I went wrong last week, I just know that I was tired. 
Wednesday we went out to dinner and had sushi.  The sauces are just too oooey gooey delicious.
Thursday they had a appreciation lunch for us at work, no idea what they put in those potato's *wink*
Friday while I was at Costco picking up my photos I tripped and fell into a very berry sundae.
Saturday I went to a scrapbook crop, I had a salad for dinner but it came with garlic bread! and a cake pop for dessert.
Sunday we spontaneously had friends over for dinner.  Hubby did the cooking and it was fabulous steak with brandy cream sauce...along with my glass of wine and chocolate cheese cake to top it off.

Can you hear my buttons popping?

So no, it was not a surprise that I didn't lose as much as I "could" have, but some weeks you have to LIVE and that's what this program is about.  This week I'll get back on track, need a bigger loss this week.  I'm shooting to be down 15 lbs by Jan 1 and I have 5 lbs 10 oz to go.

We also got our paper work from the fertility dr on Friday.  It was SO much paper work to go through.  I basically skimmed it over long enough to see that they don't agree with herbal remedies.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do, if I should keep on my herbs for the next month until I go?  Or stop them now?  I'll have to read the whole packet and make some phone calls.

Hubby has a interview on Thursday, it's in Canada!  The job will be based on the west coast though.  This is the final interview so I'm hoping he comes home with good news.

Big changes ahead....stay tuned.

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