Monday, December 24, 2012


Well I dragged my rear to the WW meeting today even though I didn't want to.  Turns out they were closed!  Probably due to the fact that I go to a meeting in a community center not a actual facility.  So this week I get a reprieve.  I think I needed it anyway.  I weighed myself this morning and thankfully I've lost the pound I gained due to grilled cheese bliss.  So I'll be adding that to my online tracker and we'll just call the past 2 weeks a wash *wink*

I've been seriously considering switching to a Friday meeting.  For me its easier to behave during the week because I only eat what I pack for work and my dinners are really planned out.  It's the weekend where...
Since the world did not end on Friday we decided to keep our Saturday plans and go to a friend's house warming.  I lived up the weeekend.  I did not pass up fresh baked norweigen bread, potatos and glass of wine....didnt take pictures, sorry my hands were full!  Sunday we had a nice breakfast while watching love it or list it my new fav home show followed by a AMAZING kabob lunch in Brea.  I dont know what to chalk it up to, life, stress eating, or just down right rebellion but I need to turn this ship around or I'm not going to make my January goal.  I have 4 more lbs to go to meet my 5% loss.

You might be wondering why would I be stress eating now?  We are still waiting to hear back about the job offer from Canada.  It all seems good, they've even given a start date but there's been no $$ given.  Normally I wouldn't stress about Hubby getting a job because he has a job currently.  Well you know how I had previously mentioned big changes are coming...this might be closest to the biggest one of all.  We are moving into my child hood home, most likely at the end of February.  The mortgage is a horse pill to swollow.  We can make it with our finances now but the new job would make things a whole lot smoother.

Also I sold alot of our stuff when we moved last year which means I need to re purchase things like a kitchen table and laundry machines.  Its going to be so funny having a house with no furniture.  I'm sure I'll post pictures as we go.

Right now I'm looking forward to tomorrow, an extra day off, we're finally going to sit down and read/fill out all the Dr's paper work and move along with that process.  Our apt is exactly a month away.

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