Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Blanket for Riley

I haven't written because I haven't been feeling great and I want this blog to be a positive as possible.  I also feel like I have nothing to complain about after reading little Riley Hopper's story. 

Dave Hopper works with my hubby.  They've been working together the better part of 2012 and have gotten to be friends.  It was kind of funny when Dave's wife Megan got pregnant with twins, my husband would come home with updates on the babies. We've talked about the possibility of having twins with using fertility treatment and I think its really peaked his interest.

I haven't really given the Hopper twins much thought until last Wednesday.  When hubby got home from work he told me "Dave's daughter is in the hospital, she's having seizures."  And then Thursday "Dave's daughter isn't doing well, she has bacterial meningitis."  To be honest with you I had no idea what that was or how it affects you so I googled it.  Surprisingly one of my co workers son had the same thing as a infant.  He turned out ok and I'm hoping the same for little Riley.

Monday I took off from work a little early and went to Michael's on my way home.  I had the intention of working on Sawyer's mini book on my day off but quickly got distracted with yarn.  The bunny tail pom pom yarn was on sale for a 1.99!  I took 4 skeins to finish my white blanket.  And then it dawned on me I'm going to make a blanket for Riley.  I loaded up with 8 skeins of yarn in the color Gumdrop and was on my way.

So I've been knitting like a mad woman and I'm half way done.  Hopefully we can bring it to her next week.
Hubby says she'll be in the hospital for at least another month and I want her to have something cozy to snuggle with when her mama can't be there. 

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  1. OMGEEEEEEEEEEE, this blanket is gonna be adorable! I love it and love your heart!!! ♥