Thursday, January 10, 2013

Foot Loose and Fancy Free

I kept another promise.  I've been wanting new walking shoes and not just any shoes....ones with out laces.  I loath laces.  You know that perky Skechers commercial where the girls is walking around in lavendar flats...well it caught my eye and I thought those would be perfect and indeed they are.

I read multiple reviews on line likening them to clouds and pillows...So I went to Macy's last night to check these bad boys out.  They are indeed cloud like.  I tried on both the Go Walk and Go Recovery shoe, and for the life of me I can not figure out the difference besides the fabric.  The Go Recovery reminds me more of a water/boat shoe with its mesh material.  I opted for the Grey go walk, they didnt have my size so I ordered them.  Supposedly they'll be here by the 15th.
I wasn't to keen on the $60 price tag, during my search I also stumbled upon these cuties by Easy Spirit. 
It's their e360 Restart shoe.  Also laceless, cloud like AND half the price at $34.99.  I was determined to get my behind out on a walk last night so I bought the shoes while I wait for the skechers to arrive.

I took a test walk with my trusty companion, did a moderate up and down hill around the block for about 20 minutes.  My tootsies felt great and everything went well (aside from leash/ear bud entanglement).  I do recomend not wearing socks.  Mine slid off my heal and got all bunchy; it was annoying feeling it in my shoe walking down hill. I think they are going to be great for when I start zumba back up.

I also got my active link all synced up and today is my first day wearing it.  I'm supposed to wear it 7 days so it can get a baseline on how much activity I normally do in week.  Then it will design fitness goals for me.  I'm pretty pumped about my new toys.

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