Monday, December 3, 2012

Pina Coladas

Today's weigh in:  -1.4
Grand total: 9.2

They rolled out a new plan today that I'm not sure I like yet. Could be that I'm just not a fan of change.  The points are the same thank goodness because I'm used to them and they are working for me.  New thing called Spaces and Routines.  The reason why I'm not crazy about them is they are things I'm already doing.  Routines is very similar to 21 day challenges and Spaces is just controlling yourself in trigger environments.  I'm sure they will be helpful to most people just starting out.  We'll see how I feel in a few weeks.

Tips from the week:
1. I've never actually used Simply Filling part of the program until this past weekend and I did it subconsciously.  We went to a anniversary party which was pretty impossible to count the food.  So I filled my plate with "safe" food.  Salad, Veggies, a small portion of meat, yams.  I kept sipping on water and avoided the dessert table. Yea Me!

2. Last Wednesday I had my hair done by my wonderful sister.  We had some nice conversations and I told her about doing WW.  It was nice to have her support me because when we went to dinner afterward she encouraged me to split a meal with her.  I'm grateful because those veggies were certainly laced with butter.
So even though on these 2 instances I wasn't exactly sure what the points were I still counted and even over estimated a little for just in case.

3. My friend and WW buddy turned me on to La Croix coconut seltzer water at Target.  The flavor is great coconut/vanilla, so I googled the name and recipe.  I got the idea to make a skinny Pina Colada!  By using a cup of frozen pineapple bits from trader joes, 1 can of coconut water and 2 oz of coconut rum, it makes 2 servings.  Technically the rum should cost you 2 points per ounce and the rest is free, but for some reason when you put it in the recipe builder it bumps you up to 4.  Its your call on how you want to count it.

I basically spent the weekend singing "If you like Pina Coladas, blah blah blah in the rain"
It helped cheer me up, since my car just got recalled for the engine catching on fire!
Hmmm I guess I could have gone around singing "Great Balls of Fire"....

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