Friday, November 30, 2012

Drop of Sunshine on a Rainy day.

An update to my earlier post....

It's still raining and now my pant bottoms and shoes are soaking wet.  Im sitting at my desk bare foot and waiting for some work to get approved....

I hadn't heard back from HRC about getting a appointment scheduled so I decided to call.   Originally I really wanted to see Dr. Fredrick because 1. I wanted a lady Dr. 2. she's written alot of articles about PCOS.  Unfortunately she's based out of Newport Beach and thats just to much of a hike for us. 
So I decided to go with the Fullerton office.  It's closer to home and even though the Dr is a man, he looks normal hahaha.  I think too that having a male will be easier when it comes to getting hubby to open up about his own issues.

The lady was super nice.  She said that since we have Kaiser our consultation would be free!  And the follow up ultrasounds will be 10% off.  OH HAPPY DAY!

So it's done, I've booked our first fertility consultation for January 24, 2013.

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