Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Joshua Radin - Hubba Hubba

If ever someone could get me going more than my husband
it would be this guy.

Who is this dreamy mystery man? 
Joshua Radin.  *sigh* 

His lyrics are just beautiful and real.  The way he strums his guitar along with his moody voice.  Can someone lust over music?  Dare I say yes, yes, YES.  I was thrilled when Hubby let me buy tickets to see his concert this last Friday.

I was actually fretting about the day of the concert, thinking will we go to dinner?  Will I get a drink?  How do I budget these points?  Well I ended up making dinner for us before we left (Orange chicken, brown rice, green beans and pot stickers).   When we got down to LA, it was a brisk 60 degrees.  I'm from California where seasons don't exist. Anyhoo, we had some time and I wanted something warm and there just happened to be a Coffee Bean across the street.  Here I am enjoying my creamy hazelnut latte...for a whopping NINE points.  People it pays to figure the point value out before you order!  And no I don't particularly love my husbands photography skills, but this one was kind of funny.

I totally dig this shirt by the way, Pink Elephants on Parade!  I'd been waiting for a good opportunity to wear it and this seamed elephant worthy.  So after enjoying every last 9 point drop.  Here we are getting ready to cross the street over to concert land.

We missed the opening act, I had no idea who she was.  The act following was A Fine Frenzy.  I had heard them before on pandora and was kind of excited to see them in concert.  I started listening to more of their music and even got some favorite songs.  Boy was I disappointed when she played music from her new album that was only released a few weeks ago.  I didnt know ONE single song until she closed with "Almost Lover" it was beautiful.  The rest was a waste of time as I sat fidgetting on the edge of my seat waiting for the MAIN ATTRACTION.

This is what I do when I get bored or antsy.  I take pictures.  I love pictures.  Hubby destains them.
"You said the last one was the LAST one!"



Imagine to my un-believe-able delight, who walks on the stage to join him?  Tristan Prettyman!?!?!?!
I LOVE her,  Seen her twice in concert and I just bought tickets to see her again in January!
I am PEE your PANTs Excited!

I honestly cant tell you if he played my favorites, they are ALL my favorites.  I was completely enamored with the whole experiance.  Taking it all in.  Is it hot in here? haha.

Here's a funny thing, at some point I looked over at Hubby and asked do any of these songs sound familiar to you?  Blank stare, should they?  Um yea, its on our wedding cd and I put a few on some CDs for you while we were dating.  *Crickets*  I did appreciate that he came with me though and held my hand and rubbed my back.  Over all it was a great night.

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  1. You are too funny! You forgot to mention the good news about your weigh in this week!!!!!