Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Own it

Hubby's been out of town for a solid week.  He came home Saturday night and left before the sun came up Monday morning.  That left us with one day to hang out, the day of diet demise. 

I did so well while he was gone, I weighed myself on sat morning and whooo hoo down 2 lbs.  Well...Saturday night came and we had sushi for dinner. Yum!  I only ordered 1 roll with rice.  Its the dipping sauce that kills me.  Surprisingly I couldn't finish what I had ordered.  So we ate sushi for breakfast on Sunday morning.  That didn't fill me so I had some eggs on toast.  Then came the Costco run and the endless sample pushers.  Hubby tasted them all, I kept my hands firmly on the cart.  By the time we got in line I was starving and finished almost a whole carton of raspberries.  It was all down hill from there.  We split a chicken bake and a frozen yogurt, for who knows how many calories.  My mom made fidello  (its like a Mexican spaghetti) only she made it with so much ooey gooey cheese.  I didn't feel like cooking and had already blown it for the day so I pulled out salami, cheese and crackers to munch on.   I didnt count any of it.  I just thought ok I had my points for the day and those floater points, I'm probably in range.


My weigh in for this Monday... half a pound loss. Whaa whaa. 

At least I know and own where I went wrong.  I'm back on track as of yesterday with my wounded ego.  I'm going to have to do extra good this week because Friday Hubby and I are going to see Joshua Radin in concert!  Need to save up some points for a nice evening out.

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