Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Turkey Lurkey

I'm proud to say as of yesterday I've completed 4 successful weeks on WW.  My loss for the week was 2.4 bring me to 7 1/2 lbs lost. I'm pretty dang excited. So far I haven't felt deprived at all, I just feel like I'm more "careful" in my choices. 

One major change I did was go back on my meds (metformin) to help with the insulin resistance.  The last time I took it it really made me nauseous.  I've been taking it at night and haven't had any bad feelings yet,  I did stop taking my herbs last week so my body could get used to the Met again. I think I'll start them again in December.

Tips from this week:
1. I've been drinking alot of mint tea.  It's calming to the stomach, helps me drink more water/feel fuller and it has no caffeine.  Plus its been cold and it makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

2. Planning ahead.  This really helped me alot especially during the 4 day weekend.  I knew my mom was going to make our big family dinner on Saturday so I loaded my point tracker with everything I could possibly want to eat so I knew what kind of damage I was working with.  I made sure to plan my week to eat super good and save up those bonus points for turkey!  And its a good thing I did.  Sunday we went over to a friends house who made 18 point roasted potato's (she used a cup of butter)!!! 

3. Picked up my hobby, crocheting.  I had a lot of free time to graze this weekend, by keeping my hands busy with a crochet hook and working on my invitation job it kept me from popping things in my mouth.

As you saw from Thursday I did a little baking.  I also did a little freaking out.  Hubby joined WW a little earlier than expected and I wasn't mentally prepared for it.  I'm not sure why but it really made me mad that he gets 54 points and I only get 39.  I had spent all day Thurs cleaning my house, catching up on ironing, baking and cleaning up that mess and he....tinkered around in his truck.  I know I should have been grateful when he made me a tuna sandwich for lunch (maybe it was the hunger mixed with cleaning fumes) but I lost it because I didn't have control over how my tuna was made.  I already know I'm a control freak, but this brought out the worst in me.  I told him I wasn't going to let him sabotage me because he had so many more points and could eat what ever he wanted.  In the end, it was ok.  I made a turkey sandwich even though it was the same point value as what he made it was the fact of being in control. 

Yesterday I felt bad, poor hubby didn't really know what to eat so he took yogurt for lunch.  I went to trader joes on my lunch break after weighing in and loaded up on protein full point friendly foods for him to make his lunch.  When I got home last night I whipped out my sharpies and wrote the point values on everything so he wouldn't have to ask.  I told him to pack his food for the day and plan for 20 pt dinners.  I hope it works out, after my melt down I realize we need to help each other and this needs to be a team effort.

This weekend I turned my alarm off.  Every morning I woke up trying to figure out what day we were on.  I got alot of things accomplished and it was nice to be with my family and friends.  Coco didn't seem to mind the turkey scraps either.

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