Monday, November 26, 2012

Baked Oatmeal Thursday

Thursday seemed as good a day as any to drag out the ol' mixing bowl and bake something up for my honey.  This recipe has been floating around pinterest amongst my friends with rave reviews so I had to give it a shot myself.

You can find the original recipe here on this cute little blog.  Now I wanted to make this as WW friendly as possible so I did alot of change ups.  For instance I used egg beaters instead of eggs.  I also took out the walnuts (high fat) and banana (I'm allergic).  I also opted to use mini chips instead of regular size and added marshmallow bits.  Since I was getting in tune with my inner Martha and I don't have a apple corer I decided to use a heart shaped cookie cutter to punch out the centers of my apple.

And here is the finished product!  It was way yummy and definitely on the "make again" list. 
I think after all was said and done I estimated 7 pts a serving and my family was non the wiser.

Bon Apetit!!

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