Monday, March 11, 2013

Fresh Start

Happy Monday!

The move is officially over.  Most of the boxes are un packed. I'm mostly over being sick and feeling the full effects of being robbed an hour of sleep (thanks day light savings)

I've been tip toeing around the topic of Paleo eating, reading the Paleo diet book and blog after blog of information. 

These are my favs so far:
The Foodee Project
Paleo Plan
Meanest Momma

Whole9 writers have a book called It Starts with Food.  Several sites recommend it so I looked it up on amazon and BAM bought it for my iphone Kindle app.  You know how they show you other's purchased xx also?  The cookbook Well Fed popped up, also good reviews, so I purchased that too.  I never thought I'd read a cook book cover to cover, but the style of writing was so real and invigorating it made me want to start right away and that's what I did.

The author talks about doing a weekly cook up, where you prepare everything you would need for the week so all your meals take less than 20 mins to make.  I really didnt have a meal plan for the entire week so I just prepared for Monday. 

Whats for Breakfast:  Egg scramble with shrimp, bell pepper and onion.  Topped with Avocado.  Grapes for a snack.

Whats for Lunch: Seared Mahi and Dill, Green Beans, Cherry Tomatos.  Blueberries and Almonds for snack.
Later on tonight we'll have Steak and Asperagus for dinner.  Although I havent finished reading all my books I know this is what I want to do.  I cant believe that no one told me about this sooner.  For the next month I'm going to follow the Whole30 plan.  30 days of strictly paleo eating.  What some of you dont know is that I also suffer from Fibromyalgia and Psoriasis, both auto immune disorders.  I'm hoping by eating clean foods that I'll be able to reverse my health to something close to normal.

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