Friday, March 22, 2013

Sweet Potato Hash

Things have been mainly quiet on the home front...just plugging away an bags and boxes.  I'm pretty happy to share that I got all my purses put up on a shelf and all the boxes in the kitchen and den cease to exist.  We've also made major headway in the curtain department.  Maybe next week I'll have some after photos for everyone. 

Paleo is also going well.  My hours have just been slipping away between work, food prep and house stuff so I haven't had time for the o' bloggeroo but I have been keeping a photo log in my phone.

Hubby made some amazing sweet potato hash, super simple and super yummy.  I'm not sure where he came up with this little ditty but we've made it a couple times so I pretty much have it memorized.
You start out by chopping half a red onion, one apple, one orange and shredding about 2 cups of sweet potato.  My poor little grater is now stained and strained!  I highly suggest getting a food processer with a grater if your looking for paleo friendly tools.  I'll be getting one next month.
Secondly heat your non stick skillet with coconut oil and saute the onion and apple till translucent.
Then add in your sweet potato and oranges.  I squeezed my oranges just a little to get some of the juice going in the pan.  You'll continue to stir and saute till the hash cooks down.  Then finish it off with a Tbsp of honey and a tsp of garlic salt.
We had this as a side to Spicy mustard pork and to steak, I'm sure it would also be great for breakfast.

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