Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Home Sweet Home - Mid way Photos

I say midway because there's always something to improve on a home.  I finally emptied my craft room of boxes, I even brought a rack to hang my embelishments from a closing scrap store.  Slowly getting the pieces were I want them but this is pretty much what my room looks like.  The cabbage patch in the chair is one of the original all cloth pieces from Xaiver Roberts, my grandma had purchased one for each of her grand daughters in the early 80's.  there's also a desk to the left centered under the window but my camera is not that wide angled.
On to the bano (guest bath) Picked up this sweet little shower curtain at target.  Giving it a try, its a little shiny for my liking but the color is dead on!
Our Bedroom

My mom worked really hard to help us pull together our country kitchen look.  Just waiting on a few more personal touches.  Hubbys great grandfather actually peddled milk!  Can't wait to put up some authentic milk bottles and canning jars.
View from the other side.  We'll be hanging some lanterns on the wall soon.

The Den, curtains and art hung!
Love that the ceiling fan has a matching Edison light bulb to the pendants in the kitchen.
There's only one room left to do now, its our front entry/parlor area. 

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